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Designing India's First TV show gaming app - Kraze



Kraze is a real-money gaming app that offers a unique twist on Indian TV shows. Bet on your favorite shows' outcomes or play fantasy games based on them.


With 900 million viewers tuning in to daily soaps, sports, and news shows every day, India has a huge potential market for real-money gaming. However, the majority of current offerings cater to sports and news enthusiasts. What about those who love TV serials and daily soaps? This is the problem we are trying to solve with Kraze.


As the founding product designer at Kraze, I was responsible for designing the app and website from the ground up. My responsibilities included ideation, conceptualization, and execution of the overall design strategy.

  • Scaling Kraze to 3 lakh users in just 120 days

  • Improving Low number of Trades on Kraze via UX, resulting in a 25% increase in successful trades

  • Designing India's First TV show-based fantasy game and successfully scaling it to over 140K contest participants

  • Boosting D0 wallet deposit by 11% through gamifying of the user experience

  • Revamping the Kraze homepage to enhance user click rate by 15%, resulting in a significant increase in user engagement

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Age Group - 18 to 40 years

Interest - Love watching TV serials & Daily soaps and enjoys gossiping about it

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Building Kraze from scratch

From idea validation to initial user flows and wireframes, we meticulously designed the Kraze app from scratch for its first launch in just 2 months.

Our focus was to prioritize speed and agility in building, testing and iterating. As a result, we included only the most essential modules such as

Predict & Win Game - The main attraction of Kraze

Wallet & My Trades - For managing deposits, withdrawals and game orders

Community - For users to engage in discussions about TV shows.


User flow of Onboarding & D0 Homepage


Initial Wireframes of the app

launching kraze app.png
Testing and Iterating after launch

After the initial launch of the app, our focus shifted towards continuously improving the UX and UI to meet the growing demands of our users. We constantly identified design challenges and implemented solutions to enhance the user experience.


At the outset, our primary challenge was to boost user acquisition and expand the app's user base.

To address this challenge, we introduced the Kraze Referral Program. This program incentivized existing users to refer new users to the app and provided the new users with an extra joining bonus. By doing so, we were able to increase our user acquisition and encourage existing users to spread the word about our app.

We chose this solution for two main reasons: it was quick to build using a third-party solution, and it had a low user acquisition cost.


The next challenge we faced was less number of trades due to the low match rate of orders in both buy & sell.

First, let me explain how the match rate works. When a user places an order for Rs. 3, the system matches their order with another user's order of Rs. 7. Only when both orders match, they are confirmed.

To help users increase their chances of matching, we implemented a feature that indicated the price range with the highest likelihood of finding a match, along with the available quantity. This helped users make more informed decisions when placing orders and boosted the success rate of matching.


To address this challenge, we introduced Instant Match, a feature that suggests buying and selling unmatched orders at nearly available prices. This helps increase trade and enables users to make more profits. By implementing Instant Match, we were able to enhance the user experience and provide a valuable solution to our users.


These UX changes helped us to improve successful trade by 25% in 2 months period time

spin the wheel -1.png

Improving wallet deposits specifically for D0 users.

Improving wallet deposits would benefit us in two ways. Firstly, it would motivate users to visit the app daily, and secondly, it would increase the number of trades taking place.

To address this challenge, we implemented gamification in the user journey for wallet deposits, incentivizing users with a fun Spin the Wheel game for every deposit they make. This approach aimed to make the process of wallet deposits more engaging and enjoyable for our users.

These UX changes helped us to improve D0 wallet deposit by 11% 


Improving feature discovery and click rate on first trade by revamping the homepage

Designing the homepage to display multiple elements while maintaining a visually appealing UI & UX was one of the most challenging tasks. We faced multiple iterations before finalizing the structure and aesthetics of the page.


Design explorations for the homepage

We ultimately chose to categorize our trade and fantasy questions to create a sense of urgency and improve social proof. By strategically spacing out the sections, we were able to avoid a cluttered look. We also prioritized important sections, such as promoted banners, on the homepage. Our primary focus was on providing users with clear action options and promoting feature discovery, all visible on the first section of the homepage without the need for scrolling.

Old Homepage

New Homepage


Revamaping the homepage improved click rate by 15% 


Thank you for taking the time to read through this case study. While this case study provides only a glimpse of my work at Kraze, I hope it demonstrates my design process and approach to problem-solving.

Working at Kraze has taught me not just how to design, but how to build great products. Seeing the positive impact my designs have on users is always a fulfilling experience.

Although I did not cover the Kraze Fantasy module in this case study, I would be happy to discuss it further in a call. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a potential project.

Need help with a project or just want to talk ?

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