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A Complete Website Redesign for Amplifying the Right Message



WtinessChain is a Web3 startup building trustfree proofs of bandwidth and smart contracts for decentralized physical infrastructure such as networks, cloud storage, and cloud compute.


The original website did not effectively convey the essence of the startup and lacked scalability options to accommodate future products. Moreover, it failed to capture the essence of a Web3 startup, missing the opportunity to convey the cutting-edge nature of the company's vision


I was hired as a freelance UI/UX designer for this project and my responsibilities were to restructure and redesign the whole website with a new branding

  • Restructured the website to effectively communicate messaging and improve scalability for future product integration.

  • Redesigned the website with a Web3-inspired look and feel to establish a stronger brand identity.

  • Designed the upcoming Challenger app, a new product set to launch soon.

  • Developed the branding for WitnessChain, including logo design, colour selection, and font finalization.

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Users who are already a bit well-versed with Web3 and Blockchain space

image 23.png
Understanding the client needs

To kick off any successful freelance project, it's crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of your client's needs, motivations, and goals. This involves thoroughly discussing the scope of the project and exploring various possibilities to achieve their objectives.

In the case of the Witness Chain project, our client aimed to give their website a modern, Web3-inspired look while effectively communicating their brand's message. 

Structuring the UX & Iterating

Once we've gained a thorough understanding of the client's requirements, the next step is to begin crafting a user experience (UX) that meets their needs and goals. My process typically begins by creating a high-level information architecture for the website, which I share with the client to ensure we're aligned on the project's direction.

From there, I embark on a research phase to explore the inspiration and develop an effective structure and design for the site. I then create a first draft of the wireframes, which I discuss with the client during multiple meetings to gather feedback and iterate accordingly.

Once we've landed on a final wireframe that meets the client's requirements, we move on to the next stage of designing the user interface (UI) and bringing the site to life.

Branding and Final UI design

Once we'd finalized the UX structure, our next focus was selecting the ideal brand colours and fonts. We took an approach that prioritized the colours and fonts that would look best on the client's website, which was their primary product. These colours were then used to guide the branding of the site.

witnesschain branding.png

Branding of WitnessChain

After the branding was done it was time to do the final UI design of the WitnessChain website. Of course, this was not done in one go. Even the final UI design went through a few revisions. Here is the before and after of the WitnessChain Homepage Website.

witnesschain web design.png
witnesschain website mock.png

In conclusion, working on the Witness Chain project was a fulfilling experience for me. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the client to understand their needs and goals, and then use my skills to craft a solution that exceeded their expectations. From the UX structure to the final branding, every step of the way was a testament to the power of effective communication, collaboration, and creativity. I'm proud of what we achieved together and look forward to more projects like this in the future.

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