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Tips on starting with Freelancing and being successful at it

Giving a brief about me, I am Freelance Graphic Designer specializing in Packaging Designing and exploring Product Designing.

I am also a Level 2 seller on Fiverr. I have worked with 40+ clients in the last two years and on 80+ projects.

All the tips I am mentioning here are from my personal experience in freelancing for the last two years. I hope you benefit from it.


If you are a beginner designer or just started designing and are not confident to sell your work, still make your FREELANCING PROFILE FROM DAY 1 and be active.

By active, I mean stay online on the platform and bid on projects. If you don't have time to bid, then post a gig(an ad for your services) and be active on the platform.

Bid on projects or post a gig on skills that you are learning. Don't just bid or post-gig for the sake of it.

So why do this?

Firstly, you won't get clients right away after signing up on these platforms. It will take around three months or more. As you have started early, you will have a higher chance of getting clients by the time you are ready to start freelancing.

Secondly, being constantly active on these platforms will let the platform algorithm know that you are actively looking for new clients, giving you higher chances.


We will be talking about which Freelancing Platforms to start.

The freelancing platforms to start with are Fiverr & Upwork.

Why not any other platforms?

So, It's easier for beginners to get the client on these platforms than other platforms such as Freelancer, Peopleperhour, and many others.

As on Fiverr, you have to post gigs and then not worry about anything, and clients will come to you.

This platform is perfect for college students or full-time designers as they don't have time to bid on projects.

For Upwork, you will have to bid on projects, but the chances of getting projects on this platform are higher than any other.


So how to develop a portfolio and get clients from there?

The majority of beginners don't have client leads, and so they start from freelancing platforms.

Freelancing platforms are great, but they can't be a reliable lead generation source in the long term. You need to have more than one lead generation source.

Portfolios can be excellent sources of client lead generation.

I suggest Behance & Dribbble is the best platform to start developing your portfolio.

TRY TO DEVELOP A NICHE PORTFOLIO. By NICHE, I mean only develop your portfolio in Packaging Design or Branding or UI design or whichever niche you like.

Over time it will show that you are an expert in a particular domain. This will give you a higher chance of getting hired by a client.


Research on which all services you can provide.

Now, what do I mean by it?

So while and preferably before you start developing your skills, research on services in demand in the market.

Research and make a list of services that you think are most in demand. Choose the one that you like.

Then start developing these skills.

Why do this?

This will save you lots of time (even months).

As you will be only learning skills that pay and has demand.

So go and do some research. This will not take you more than 30 mins.

I hope this blog was beneficial for you. Please share it with the once whom you think will benefit from it.

Have a great day :)

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